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About our journey at Invoicey and what we do to help you.

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Understanding constraints on small business owners.

So you have fulfilled your necessary obligations and provided services, materials and/or products to your customers and now you find yourself being passed from pillar-to-post chasing invoice payments which are urgently overdue causing potential cash flow and financial constraints on your business!


Having run small businesses, we understand the amount of stress this places on you and your colleagues and the extra costs and resources associated with recuperating funds earned which rightfully belong to your business -which is why we are passionate about Invoicey.

Our power team is made up of individuals with lots of private industry and technology experience, and as such we built a unique software platform which allows businesses to resolve invoice matters swiftly whilst also easily claim compensation based on (Legislation here) for Invoices paid late dating back up to 6 years. 

The usual standard terms in the UK is 30 days unless otherwise agreed. Nevertheless if your invoices were paid later than your agreed terms you may be entitled to additional fees which we can help you with without it costing you time, energy and resources.


Services based on Performance.

 We layer our services based on the level of service you require with no upfront costs incurred by your business. Ultimately we get paid when you get paid providing us with the incentive to achieve the right outcome for you in the least amount of time and in the most harmonious manner.


Of course, there is good reason why your business may well inevitably end up taking civil court action, however there is plenty which can be done beforehand to reach an effective resolution with minimal cost and effort on your side. We mediate between your business and your business customer(s) with complete transparency at both ends to bring each outstanding and late paid invoice to an amicable conclusion without using heavy-handed techniques to avoid potential souring an otherwise valued customer. 

Whilst we are not a practicing law-firm, we do have longstanding partnerships with highly recommended commercial solicitors with deep rooted knowledge and experience in successfully recuperating outstanding commercial debts. If our customer wish to escalate a case we can instruct any one of our partnered law firms to act on your behalf and take the claim further via the courts. However, this tends to be the exception not the rule when resolving most outstanding invoices and therefore we can advice accordingly of the right action to take if your business customer does not want to comply. 

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