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Track all your current and historical invoices under one free invoice ledger.

Our unique invoice tracking platform is simple and easy to. Upload all your paid late invoices dating back 6 years plus any pending outstanding invoices and our ledger automatically calculates balances due and any potential late compensation fees.

For previously paid late invoices

We require proof of payment to establish the amount of days late. For instance, if you originally requested the invoice to be paid on the 03.03.2022 but it wasn’t paid until 03.06.2022 then our system will automatically calculate the invoice as 90 days beyond terms. We will need either a Remittance slip or bank statement as proof of payment which you can upload to the system.


For current current outstanding invoices

Once we have all the relevant details of your invoices then our platform instantly calculates the amount of compensation potentially owed per invoice which updates in real-time to account for additional administrative fees and interest charged so you always have an accurate representation of the overall amount owed.

The Invoicey Ledger also calculates the days beyond terms on partially paid invoices where the remaining balance is beyond the original term date.

*For quicker results simply connect your account to our live accounting software.


The user interactivity of the platform is designed to be visually striking to engage with the user so that they can easily track the progress of each overdue and paid late invoice. Users can create a bespoke service depending on their urgency with additional features such as automated telephone and SMS alerts to boost noticeability.

As we chase each invoice on your behalf you will be kept notified along the way receiving live dashboard notifications and also automated emails so you are always kept in the loop. Once your business customer has agreed to terms and set a payment date you will be notified of when funds will arrive in your account. There is a feature on the dashboard which keeps a live account of your funds.

Aside to the trackability of each invoice is the option to turbo charge invoice content by making them fully interactive so that values update in real-time. We also include subtle emotive nudge techniques so your businesses customer understands your intent and therefore increase the chances of the customer paying earlier.

There are also preventative credit control management solutions to enable businesses to easily vet potential new onboarding customers and carry our invoice and credit performance checks to assess the risk factor so that they can decide if they wish to do business beforehand or implement credit limitations such as more stringent payment terms.

Current outstanding invoices payments  are made directly into your account as per your original invoice amount. Thereafter we will need to be notified of the actual payment date which will need to correspond to your customers documentation in order to issue a separate late fee invoice to your business customer to determine the amount owed by them or customers can update their invoice ledger by inputting the date of payment. For previously paid invoices, late fee invoice funds will be redirected to your account less our associated costs within 3-5 working days. 

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