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NHS Healthcare

Medical Consultation

Track your upcoming and overdue invoices.

If your business supplies NHS Trusts in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and have invoices paid late within the last 6 years then then you may be able to claim late compensation fees, interest and reasonable admin charges if your initially agreed terms fell below statutory legislation or were deemed  unfair.


In accordance with the NHS shared Business terms, the standard payment terms for NHS invoice payments are 30 days from original invoice date. Therefore if you are a small business and have not specified payment terms in the form of a contract or displayed the information via your invoice then the implied 30 day term applies as per the Debt Regulations Act 2013. If however you have agreed to longer payment terms i.e. 45, 60 or 90 day payment terms as per a formal contract then you may have an obligation to honour those terms if you it is deemed fair, fit and proper. However for future invoices it may be possible to change payment terms to a lesser number of days. 

For companies which do supply goods and services to NHS trusts and have had invoices paid late or are having ongoing late payment issues then create an account today and upload all your invoices back dating 6 years and our dashboard manager will sort through all your eligible late payment invoices.  We will also need supporting documentation for proof of payment by the NHS trust for previous paid late invoices such as remittance slips which are usually sent via email from NHS Finance Departments (see example here).



When uploading your documents to your dashboard manager be sure that your original invoice includes a relevant PO (Purchase Order) Number and/or reference along with a date and corresponding goods and services description. It is also important to note that the original accounts payable address details should also be listed on the invoice and corresponds to the original purchase order number. Always include a date on the invoice too so our automated date finder can calculate the number of days beyond terms. Failure to originally include these details could result in delays. If you do need assistance with designing a new dynamic website then try our invoice booster

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