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Custom Quote Builder.


Build a dynamic custom Quote to send to your business customers.

Prior to sending a Proforma or Sales Invoice many companies require an official quote for goods and services to be able to raise a Purchase Order (PO) and be clear on how much the final Invoice total will be.

A quote essentially instigates a transaction between supplier and customer by formally setting out the amount the customer will be expected to pay for goods or services (i.e. time, labour, materials, resources etc). However quotes are not legally binding in the UK as a customer can refuse, ignore or counter the quoted figure. If the quote is accepted by the customer and requests are made thereafter; for instance, to buy materials then this could render the quote as legally binding.

It should also be noted that quotes do differ from “Estimates” which gives an approximation of costs whereas quotes tend to be more accurate and provide a detailed breakdown of costs and be true measure of what the customer will likely pay in future.

If a new customer does accept a quote and it is for a substantial amount it may be a good idea to request a deposit or amount paid upfront to ensure that the customer is fully committed to the transaction and to help pay towards the cost of fulfilling the contract to help with cash flow.

Try our free Quote Builder and begin generating dynamic Quotes in minutes.


Invoicey Quote builder enables you to build bespoke quotes and send them instantly. Time is often of the essence when sending quotes as it is usually good practice for the customer to source at least 3 quotes from other competitors to get a good gauge of the going rate of a particular good or service. Whilst your free to decide what to charge, sending a quote in good time can often go along way into winning new business as it demonstrates how you operate as a business. provides

Our Invoice Quote Builder also enables you to direct acceptance button enabling the customer to automatically accept the quote. At this point depending on the amount and whether you require a deposit, the customer can be prompted into send a percentage of monies upfront by paying via a direct payment link.

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What a Quote should include. 

Price. Your quotation template should include the total amount due that the customer will be expected to pay. This should also include a breakdown of the individual products and services i.e. labour, materials, VAT, miscellaneous costs etc.  

An expiration date. It is important to provide a “valid until” date as the cost of materials may increase and therefore you may end out of pocket if you keep your quote open ended and they accept months later causing you to absorb the additional costs. It also provides an incentive to the customer to accept the quote and gives you a good indicator if the customer is a serious/motivated buyer. Quotes are usually valid for 30-60 days.

Your company details. A quotation template should include the full contact details of your business, including your business name, address, email address, phone number, and (if applicable) VAT registration number or business registration number.

Your customer's details. Company and representative name, phone number, email address and trading address 

When a quote is accepted by a customer then all details relating to that particular quote can be transferred over to a Proforma or Sales Invoice. This effectively creates a full sales journey for each customer transaction. The Sales Invoice can also be split into multiple payments and automatically sent at pre-set intervals i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly or on a continual billing cycle.

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