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Delve Deeper into Industry Data.

Business People

Find and Compare Statistics on industry invoice pay performance. 


Our Industry Analytics presents data on how each of the Major UK Industries perform.


Since 2017 the government body Companies House has been collecting invoice payment reports from businesses across the UK. Using these reports, we have collected and compiled data on the payment behaviours of individual industrial sectors.

The industrial sectors used in this analysis are defined by Companies House’s condensed list of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes. A comprehensive breakdown of each sector can be found here.

Industry Search Tool

Use our cool search tool to find the top 10 and worst 10 Invoice payers per each Industry sector in the United Kingdom. The percentage score shows the rate of invoices paid beyond initial agreed terms. A higher percentage score shows a higher proportion of invoices being paid late whilst the lower percentage score shows few, if any invoices being paid beyond terms.

Average time to pay invoices Vs. Invoices paid not within agreed terms

Per industry

Average time to pay invoices
Invoices paid not within agreed terms

0-30, 30-60, 60+ days

Use the tool below to gain report statistics on specific industries.

Average Payment Terms Vs Average Time to Pay Invoices

 Percentages of companies which pay invoices between 1 - 90 days.

Data Set 4 Shows Invoice pay performance per quarter since 2017 

Data Set 5 Shows overall average time to pay since 2017

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